Кирилл Паринов

Ilya Khanykov CEO at Bartini, Inc.
“Friendly, upfront, fast thinker, has network, will try to help you, even if your project is outside his investment focus. Will take calls from extraordinary places to take your calls when you call. Kirill is rare”

Moiz Husnain, Founder & CEO at Grandeur
“Kirill is one of the most empathetic investors that I have met. He was super quick about his decision and was really flexible on the terms. You can trust him and know that he is gonna be always there for you. ”

Nikita Obukhov CTO at Geecko: “Kirill is great! He gave us a lot of very valuable advice and inspired us”

Vitaly Petrov Founder/CEO at Fixtender: “Kirill is a great advisor and our angel Investor. Deeply understand our product and needs. Closed investment deal super quick, highly recommend!”

Alex Britkin CEO at NFWare: “It was a big pleasure to connect with Kirill. He is knowledgeable in venture capital, has a very relevant experience and overall is a nice person. Kirill also introduced me to other relevant investors with whom we signed a deal”

Vadim Chumak CEO at Booke AI: “Smart money - it's about Kirill. He's an exceptional person who can help you connect with the right people at the right time. He does his best to help as much as possible.”

Evgeny Pisarev CEO at Qummy: “Very helpful. Passionate about innovation. Extremely useful in business development.”

Sergey Voynov CEO at G-71 Inc.: “Very helpful. Full of enthusiasm, interesting ideas.”

Aviral Chandra CEO & Co-Founder at Sif Homes: “One of the best angel investors I have ever met. Puts his money where his mouth is, took just 2 days to invest $250k. If he likes you and your company, he’ll make it his mission to make others fall in love with your vision and your company. I’m lucky to have Kirill associated with me and Sif. Highly recommended!”

Andrey Podgornov CEO & Co-Founder at QVALON: “Kirill is one of the minority investors who finds his success not in just picking winners, but helping to create winning teams. He has given us tremendous support in fundraising and he has provided invaluable advice and guidance.”

Max Mescheryakov CPO at Geecko: “Kirill was our first check angel at Geecko. He is among the best angels I've met for any software startup -- in fact, he was my go to guy for any strategy and sales related issues. He has that uncommon ability to know how to drive sales himself and manage and motivate a team underneath him to deliver, even in the toughest times. A big asset to any startup he invests into.”

Sergey Baranov Co-founder & COO at Speechki Posted: “We at Speechki are building an audiobook recording platform for publishers to scale their audiobook inventories 10 times thanks to synthetic voices. Kirill brings to the table a rare combination of passion, which typically only entrepreneurs and founders have, combined with business expertise and organizational and management skills of a large enterprise C-level exec. He is a joy to work with -- by far the best angel I've ever worked with.”

Dima Abramov CEO & Co-Founder at Speechki: “Kirill is a visionary angel - combining those rare skills of understanding both how to galvanize toward a vision and execute in the short term to move things forward. His understanding of building a startup, especially when you are just starting, is among the best of angels I know.”

Elliott Sergeenko Chief Executive Officer at Geecko: “Kirill is an amicable, respectful and optimistic person. As Angel at geecko.com, he helped with clients and next round investors intros."

Регион: Москва

Отрасль: All


Средний размер сделок: 100k-250k

Примеры сделок:
Grandeur Technologies
Sif Homes

Регион: Россия

Отрасли (ниши): All

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